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Notice of establishment of Specified Non-profit Organization 

Japan is one of the most popular county for mandolin music in the world.
Mandolin clubs have been established at many universities and they have played a major role in the development of mandolin music activities. In addition, many of amateur activity groups have been also created by volunteers from university graduates, etc., and most of them are still in active.

In view of the original condition of numerous valuable scores and materials collected by enthusiastic members may be dissipated due to family circumstances. We have been working on this activity by establishing the "Mandolin Music Museum", keenly aware of the need to take care of it, organize and maintain it, and use it for future generations. Through this, we will continue to inherit and maintain the irreplaceable world of mandolin music related information and we would like to truly contribute to its development.

We have received music scores donated from many people so far, and we currently have more than 10,000 pieces. In order to further promote these activities we thought it was necessary to acquire a socially recognized corporate status, and as a result of repeated preparations, we also considered that we will carry out activities in a wide range of fields in the future. 

On February 14th, we established the non-profit organization "Plectrum Music Institute”.

Thank you for your support and cooperation till now and we appreciate for your continuous support on this activities going forward.

Best regards,


March 7, 2022

Tetsuro Kishimoto

President “Plectrum Music Institute”
Director “Mandolin Music Library”

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